How well do you know the world’s volcanoes?

Know your Ararat from your Arenal? Perhaps you know the globe’s largest volcano, or the country with the most? Time to find out how well you really know the volcanoes of the world…

Whether visiting volcanoes rides high on your travel wish list, or you fancy yourself a bit of a geography expert, then this travel trivia quiz is for you.

See how much you really know about the world’s volcanoes – active, dormant and based around the globe. P.S. Pay close attention to each image. It should give you a handy hint.


1. Which country has the most volcanoes – both active and dormant – in the world?


2. The Ring of Fire is a 25,000 mile-long horseshoe of volcanoes, covering many countries. Which of these countries is NOT one of them?


3. What percentage of the world’s volcanoes are positioned along The Ring of Fire?


4. Can you name the world’s largest volcano?


5. Can you name this famous Costa Rican volcano?


6. How about this famously active volcano in Europe?


7. Where in the world would you find Mount Tambora?


8. Vesuvius is one of the world’s best-known volcanoes, famously erupting in Pompeii. In which Italian region would you find it?


9. Mexico’s most famous volcano might be called Popocatépetl. But do you know what the locals call it?


10. In 2010, a series of Icelandic volcano eruptions filling the skies with ash caused huge travel disruptions around the world. Which volcano erupted?


11. Can you identify this South American volcano?


12. Are there any active volcanoes in the UK?


13. Where in the world would you find Mayon Volcano?


14. A caldera is formed when a volcano collapses in on itself. Masaya Volcano is the perfect example. Where can you find it?


15. Speaking of calderas, one of the USA’s best-known national parks has a famous caldera and supervolcano, one you don’t want to erupt. Which national park?


16. Where would you find the dormant Mount Ararat?


17. Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania is a dormant volcano. Do you know how tall it is?


18. Mount Kilimanjaro also has three distinct volcanic cones (like peaks). They all have names, but which of these isn’t one of them?


19. Tenerife is home to the third-largest ‘volcanic structure’ in the world, after Hawaii’s Mauna Loa and Kea. So, what’s it called?


20. Australia has numerous volcanoes, but are any of them currently active?