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Czech Republic

Czech Republic
Český Krumlov, Czech Republic (Shutterstock)

Home to a plethora of mediaeval castles, the architectural gems of the capital replicated across the country speaks the history of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The Czech Republic’s charms are much more beyond the Astronomical Clock and the Charles Bridge in Prague. Tales of the past Bohemian and Austria-Hungarian Empire are hidden in the outskirt towns. 

Picturesque UNESCO World Heritage town Cesky Krumlov in the south with its castle and old town surrounded by the Vltava River offers a calm and peaceful scene of the beautiful history of the country. In the lesser-visited eastern province of Moravia, for example, you’ll find Telc and Slavonice – the Czech Republic’s most perfectly-preserved mediaeval and renaissance towns. 

From gentle strolls to serious hikes, ramblers have plenty of options since the Czech Republic has over 600 protected natural areas with countless well-marked trails, many of which take in dramatic castles and attractive wooden churches. And after a hard day’s walk you’re never far away from a refreshing Czech beer, a bread bowl of goulash and a sweet roll of Trdelnik.

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No visa requirements for UK nationals for up to 90 days in any 180-day period
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UTC+1 (UTC+2 from last Sunday in March-last Sunday in October)
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Type C, Type E
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When to go to the Czech Republic

Summer (June-August) has the highest temperatures, the heaviest rainfall and the most tourists. The months either side – May and September – are good times to visit as the weather is mild and the crowds fewer, though you’ll still pay high season prices.

Festivals in the Czech Republic: The country’s biggest arts and music festival is the Prague Spring Festival starting from the end of May.

Witches Night – a mixture of Halloween and Bonfire Night – is held on April 30. For jousting reenactments and other mediaeval shenanigans, head to the town of Cesky Krumlov for the Five-Petalled Rose Festival that takes place in June.

International airports

Václav Havel Airport Prague (PRG) is 17km west of the city centre.

Getting around in the Czech Republic

Buses, trams and metro systems in major cities of the country are well-developed. An extensive railway network connects major cities and towns with comfortable rides.

Renting a car is a popular option for exploring the Czech Republic, especially if you plan to visit smaller towns and rural areas.

Health & safety

The Czech Republic is a low-risk country to visit. In touristy areas in Prague, as in other parts of the world, be aware of pickpockets.

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